Pow'r-Gear® Stainless Steel Clamps

Pow'r-Gear high performance clamps are designed for high vibration and stubborn leakage applications such as industrial machinery, heavy truck, farm and off-road equipment engines. Pow'r-Gear features an extra wide 5/8" heavy gauge band and a wide profile housing that provides maximum engagement of screw threads to band. Engineered to deliver exceptionally high rates of band tension to handle the toughest sealing jobs. All clamps are available in marine grade 316 both with and without liner.

  • High strength for high vibration and higher pressures
  • Industrial machinery
  • Heavy-duty truck and bus
  • Off-road equipment engines
  • Extra wide 5/8" heavy gauge band
  • Wide profile housing provides for maximum screw threads to band
  • Extra-high rate of band tension
  • All stainles5 5/16" hex heads and 5/8" band
  • 75-90 in.Lbs. Torque for most applications
  • Minimum destructive torque is 150 lbf-in (17 Nm)
Available: Lined T-Bolts Flex-Gear