The spring-loaded light pole banner bracket system is the world's original and leading performance banner bracket. In high-wind, the patented spring-loaded bracket releases, reducing stress on light poles and increasing the life on the banners. When the wind dies down, the banners return to their original position. These brackets have been wind tunnel tested to spill 87% of the wind and is the most specified banner bracket in the world.


  • Reduces damage and light pole liabilities
  • Spring-loaded. Wind-release bracket keeps banners safe
  • Patented hardware # 5388794. Specified on six continents
  • Ideal for festivals, seasonal banners, parking lots, college campuses
  • In use in hundreds of locations around the world
  • 10 year warranty from installation
  • Works with any banner arm length
  • Made in America
  • Powder Coated Available

Kits include the following: 2 brackets, spring tensioned assembly, 2 black fiberglass arms with aluminum end cap, 2 large safety pins, 2 large plastic zip ties, and mounting instructions.

Additional options include: powder coating, Snaplock Quick Release clamps, roll banding and buckles, and clamping tool.

3/4" roll banding is recommended when installing large or xl brackets, or on square poles, otherwise Snaplock Quick Release clamps are recommended.

Available: Fiberflex